May 19, 2022

This Underwater Winery Has Us Planning a Trip to Croatia

As if we didn't already have enough reasons to visit Croatia, the country is now home to an underwater winery. And yes, it's just as dreamy as it sounds.

Located on Pelješac Peninsula, the Edivo Vina winery requires a quick dive to explore where the wine is made at the bottom of Mali Ston Bay. According to Lonely Planet, the wine is stored underwater in clay jugs — called amphorae — for one to two years before it's enjoyed. According to the owners Anto Šegović and Edi Bajurin, storing the wine in these jugs gives it a pinewood aroma while maintaining all other elements of taste and quality.

Divers can not only check out the clay jugs, but also a sunken boat that's also located in the bay. The boat is used as a wine cellar of sorts, storing the amphorae and other wine bottles that are being aged by the water of the Adriatic Sea.

The winery also sells old amphorae jugs, which emerge from the water covered in shells, algae, and other sea creatures. And, in case you're wondering, there is a specific way to open these aged jugs:

Want to know more about the Edivo Vino winery, its wines, and how to visit? Head on over to the winery's website. And please excuse us while we go plan our next trip to Croatia.

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