January 21, 2022

This 'Floating' Backpack Is an Overpacker's Dream Come True

Picking the right travel bag can make or break or break your adventure. Bring something too small and you won’t have enough room to pack souvenirs. Bring something too big and you can’t fit it in the overhead. But, perhaps worst of all, you could bring something uncomfortable to carry and ruin the entire trek.

Now, there’s a new, high-tech backpack on the market that may be able to fix that last problem forever.

The HoverGlide backpack is the latest innovation from Lightning Packs, makers of electricity-generating backpacks. The company’s newest invention promises to reduce the impact on the wearer by up to 86 percent.

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It works with a rather mysterious “patented double-frame and pulley system design.” Reuters broke that down to mean it works with bungee cords to counteract the movements of the wearer.

“The cords suspend the load in the pack so it stays at the same height from the ground while the wearer is running or walking and reduces the risks of muscle and joint problems,” Reuters noted. Its founders further claim this technology will allow someone to carry up to 12 extra pounds of weight while exerting the same amount of force.

“For the same energetic cost, you can either carry 48 pounds in a normal backpack or 60 pounds in a suspended ergonomic backpack,” Lawrence Rome of the University of Pennsylvania told Reuters. “It is like carrying an extra 12 pounds for free.”

The pack was designed with the military or emergency workers in mind, however, it could be extremely useful to travelers and trekkers alike.

“Being able to move at relatively high speeds is crucial for many professions as well as in some athletic competitions and recreation,” Rome said.

And while all that may be true, there’s one hurdle this backpack is having a hard time getting over: Looking a little bit goofy. But if it works, it works.

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