July 3, 2022

Pilots Took to Reddit to Share the Near-disasters They Successfully Averted

Luckily, airplane collisions, crashes, and disasters are far and few between. Sure, we've all experienced a delay or two, but thanks to the prowess of pilots around the world, you are more likely to go through your life without any flight incidents than actually experiencing one — at least, as a passenger.

Pilots are trained to handle much more than the casual bout of turbulence that seems to plague every flight at some point in the journey. In fact, they're taught how to manage a flight when you lose an entire engine, what to do if there's another airplane flying too close, even how to deal with landing during a massive thunderstorm — or tornado warning.

A thread on Reddit called for pilots to share their close calls, particularly the ones passengers were completely oblivious to. From severe turbulence to shattered windshields at 25,000 feet, the stories would make for a terrifying documentary.

Whether these will make you feel better about flying — it is an incredibly safe form of travel — or worse is all up to your own perception, but we applaud these heroic pilots for keeping their cool under some extremely stressful situations.

Read on, and hug a pilot today.

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