July 3, 2022

Dad's Heartbreaking Last Words Before Crashing Plane on Family Vacation

Hearts were broken in March when the news surfaced that dad and pilot Joseph Crenshaw crashed a private plane on the way home from a spring break trip to Disney World, killing himself and his entire family.

Crenshaw, 45, and his wife, Jennifer, 43, were flying from Kissimmee, Florida, back to Jackson, Tennessee, with their two children, Jillian, 14, and Jacob, 16, when the tragedy occurred over Hayden, Alabama. All four were pronounced dead on the scene.

Now, new information on Crenshaw's communication with air traffic control has been released, including the panicking father's tragic last words before the radio contact was lost: “I'm doing the best I can.”

According to the report provided by air traffic control to ABC 3340's Amber Grigley, Crenshaw asked for an alternative route after being warned about “moderate to extreme precipitation” in his path. The controller on duty told him he did not have a better route, but that he should maintain at 12,000 feet. He then advised Crenshaw turn east or southeast, but as he attempted to do so, the plane, a Cessna T210L, continued to descend.

The wings of the plane detached while in the air, leaving debris along various Alabama roads before taking a nose dive in a heavily wooded area, witnesses said at the time.

The National Transportation Safety Board investigation is ongoing.

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