May 19, 2022

Koala Breaks Into House to Chill on the Couch

An Australian couple returned from vacation to find an intruder in their house. But instead of calling the cops, they whipped out their cameras for a selfie with the adorable, fuzzy break-in artist.

“We walked in and saw this lovely, beautiful, fluffy koala sitting in the lounge. It looked exactly like he was watching TV,” resident Michele Goodman told radio station KOFM. “He was facing the TV, sitting in front of the heater.”

Goodman thought the cuddly marsupial would spook and make a break for it when they returned home, but the koala decided to stay and just chill on the couch.

The couple realized that the koala was trying to warm up from the cold weather, so they welcomed the furry friend into their home and called the Hunter Koala Preservation Society, according to The Dodo.

While waiting for the wildlife rescuers to show up, they snapped a few selfies, because that’s what you do when faced with an uninvited, obstinate koala.

“We tried to get photos of ourselves with him, but we were a bit scared to get close,” Viki Haines said. “Michele got this photo of herself as we were standing outside and keeping our distance. He’s sitting on the lounge and we’re out in the wind and the cold trying to get a selfie through the window.”

The wildlife rescuers returned the koala to the wild, so it could chill on its own couch.

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