January 21, 2022

India Has the Most Selfie-related Deaths for the Second Year in a Row

Selfies can be dangerous: Many lives have been lost attempting to take photos in perilous destinations around the world.

And of all of the places people have died while trying to take a selfie, India tops the list with 76 of the 127 selfie-related deaths around the world since the earliest report of such an incident in March 2014.

A study out of Carnegie Mellon University reported the statistic, classifying these particular cases as “killfies.”

The study describes the phenomenon as “a death of an individual or a group of people that could have been avoided had the individual(s) not been taking a selfie.” Of the 76 deaths, the researchers found that 87 percent were water-related.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time India has ranked first on this list. The country was also cited as the destination with the most selfie deaths last year. Pakistan follows with nine deaths, followed by the United States with eight, and Russia with six.

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