January 21, 2022

This Las Vegas Resort's New Suites Have Basketball Courts, Movie Theaters and Bowling Alleys Inside

Las Vegas’ Palms Casino Resort is rolling out an array of revamped suites as part of its recent $620 million property-wide renovation.

All six of the resort’s suites, which have been featured in everything from Katy Perry’s “Waking Up in Vegas” video to the MTV Video Music Awards, have transformed to include quirky in-room amenities and designs for guests.

The 10,000-square-foot, three-bedroom Hardwood Suite, debuting in December, includes a full-size basketball court and locker-style bathrooms for those looking to shoot some hoops in their suite. A hidden whisky room behind the suite’s library offers an intimate and cozy escape after the game.

The $20,000-a-night suite, which sleeps 10 and has enough capacity for 300 event guests, includes pool tables, multiple lounge areas, neon signs and glass light fixtures throughout.

In the $15,000-a-night Kingpin Suite, which also debuts in December, guests can take advantage of two fully functioning bowling lanes, shoes and bowling balls included.

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The lanes are surrounded by bedrooms and lounges, while a DJ booth and 70’s-designed accents, like swivel chairs and metallic pink wooden floors, add a fun flair.

Guests looking for a little more chill can book a stay in the Cinema Suite, which comes with its own theater screening room complete with theater-style seating, plush blankets and movie theater goodies like popcorn, chips and beef jerky.

The suite also includes candies ranging from Sour Patch Kids and gummy bears to Goobers and Skittles, mini-fridge goodies like brownie caramel root beer and craft beer, and a curated room service menu with elevated theater bites that include popcorn towers and barbeque beef nachos. It sleeps eight, has capacity for up to 75 guests at a time and costs $5,000 a night.

Some suites, like the Loft Suite and Make Good Choices Suite, touch on Las Vegas’ classic elements, like gaming. The Loft Suite includes in-room poker tables and fully-functioning bars.

Meanwhile, the Make Good Choices Suite is decked out in a black and white design theme to offer a retreat from the Strip’s neon colors. An in-room photo booth allows guests to make memories indoors.

Upon booking, guests of the suite can also choose from “good” or “bad” amenities kits: organic alcohols, super good snacks, and coconut water for “good” amenity baskets. and a burner phone is included in the “bad.\” The suite is $1,500 a night and can sleep up to four guests.

The suites join the newly renovated Fantasy Tower guest rooms and Sky Villas alongside property changes that include the opening of new restaurants like Bobby Flay’s seafood-focused space Shark and steakhouse Scotch 80 Prime.

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