November 29, 2022

Ship Found Almost 100 Years After Disappearing in Bermuda Triangle (Video)

A ship that went missing in the Bermuda Triangle almost 100 years ago turned up off the coast of Florida.

Underwater explorers and archaeologists discovered the wreck of the SS Cotopaxi, which went missing in 1925, about 35 nautical miles away from the coast of St. Augustine, according to a new documentary series from the Science Channel.

On November 29, 1925, the SS Cotopaxi left the port of Charleston, bound for Havana. But before it could reach its destination, the ship mysteriously disappeared while passing through the Bermuda Triangle. The bodies of the ship’s 32 passengers were never found. Neither was the ship itself.

About 35 years ago, divers came across a shipwreck off the coast of St. Augustine they called “Bear Wreck.” For the past few decades, researchers and divers have been exploring the wreck — which they now believe is the remains of the SS Cotopaxi.

Marine biologist shipwreck explorer Michael Barnette told USA Today that his team has been piecing together what happened to the ship. They believe that the ship came across bad weather and was badly equipped to handle the storm, leading to its demise. The ship’s wooden hatch covers were in disrepair and water from the storm was able to easily enter the ship and start its sinking. Newly-discovered records of distress signals from the time seem to corroborate the theory.

More information about the discovery of the SS Cotopaxi will be revealed in an episode of “Shipwreck Secrets” on the Science Channel. The episode will premiere on Sunday, February 9 at 8 p.m. ET and detail the methods archaeologists used to solve the mysteries around the mysterious wreck.

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