November 29, 2022

Kayak May Have Finally Figured Out How to Take the Pain Out of Planning a Group Trip

Planning a group trip, whether it’s with friends or family, can be stressful.

Kayak is trying to take some of the effort out of it with a new tool called Kayak Trip Huddle, which allows users to invite the people they'd like to join them on a trip into the planner.

Each person can add in their preferred dates and destinations, and select the types of accommodation they'd like to stay in, whether that's a hotel, a cabin, an apartment, or something more unique.

When everyone's selections are added in, each traveler can vote on their favorites on a scale of one to three, making it simple to see which options are matching up best for the group.

Kayak created the tool after commissioning a survey that found 48 percent of travelers said trying to plan a trip with family and friends stresses them out.

Now, whether you're looking to take a summer getaway with the family or try out the latest trend of “groupiemoons” (group honeymoons), the process of organizing your vacation can be a little easier.

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