January 21, 2022

This Video Shows How Much More There Is to France Than Paris

Paris may be one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, but as far as the rest of France is concerned, Paris is not France. France is so much more.

The filmmaker behind travel blog Face du Monde recently attempted the impossible: He spent one month traveling around all of France and managed to condense the adventure into a two-minute video.

The video starts with voice-overs from French people talking about their patriotism and pride in their country as overhead footage of Provence rolls by. From Mont St. Michel in Normandy to the sun-stained cliffs of the Riviera, France manages to fit and impressive amount of different landscapes into a country roughly the size of Texas. It can be hard to see it all. Topping our list of must-sees are the lavender fields of Provence, mountains in the Alps and valleys along the Loire River.

But once you’ve seen all that France has to offer, Paris is the cherry on top. Visitors can ramble the streets from Montmartre to the Louvre (baguette tucked under arm) knowing that outside the city limits, France is wild.

For those inspired by the video, check out Travel + Leisure’s Guide to France before booking a French getaway for our tips and recommendations in the Hexagon.

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