July 3, 2022

Italy's Best Pizza is Part of a Rehab Center

According to a survey conducted by Italian food website Gastronauta, Italy's best pizza is found at SP.accio, a community kitchen that's part of the San Patrignano rehabilitation center in Rimini, Italy.

Of the 40,000 people that cast their votes for Italy’s best pizzerias last month, 7,335 of them voted for SP.accio.

Created ten years ago under the name O’ Malomm, the pizzeria serves pies made with slowly matured yeast, which create a delightfully light pizza.

It offers both traditional selections, like a pie topped with mozzarella, sliced San Marzano tomatoes, and fresh basil, and creative spins like “the mojito” pizza, which is topped with prawns marinated in rum, lime, tomatoes, curly lettuce, and mint.

The pizzeria is part of the rehab center’s program, helping recovering addicts progress and learn job skills by working as waiters, pizza chefs, and kitchen assistants.

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Gastronaut rewarded the space for not only making “a quality pizza with raw materials” but for its “project of recovery, training, integration, and growth of boys who, at some in their lives, decided to turn the page and take a second chance.\”

The incredible views of the Adriatic don't hurt, either.

Below, the top 10 pizzerias, according to Gastronauta's survey:

1. SP.accio—Rimini

2. Lieveto—Reggio Calabria

3. La terrazza dei Grue—Castelli

4. Aragon Ristorante Pizzeria-Alghero

5. Al Ponte Levatoio—Loria

6. La Bottega di Crescenzio—Giarre

7. Pizzeria Sancho—Fiumicino

8. Il Cantiere—Foggia

9. Bakkano Food & Beer Industry-San Benedetto del Tronto

10. Pizzeria Primula Rossa-Civitella di Romagna

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