October 20, 2021

Instagram Couple Defend Photo Taken Dangling Over Edge in Bali, Say They've Taken More Dangerous Shots

In the last six years, an estimated 250 people worldwide died while taking selfies, according to a study from researchers with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. But that fact isn’t stopping others from risking their lives in the name of getting the perfect Instagram shot.

In early April, Kelly Castille and Kody Workman, the travel influencer couple behind the account Positravelty, posted a shot of themselves in Bali. In the photo, Workman appears to be holding Castille over the edge of an infinity pool, with her feet dangling off the sheer drop.

The pair captioned the photo: “Our greatest strength in life, our most important principle, is discernment. Only you can know your body, feel the space around you and understand your capabilities. We would all do well to remember this, knowing that not every action, style or path we witness through others is or should be, replicated. At the end of the day, we are to hold ourselves accountable for the decisions that we make.”

While the photo has more than 34,000 likes to date, many of the comments are calling out the couple for not only their dangerous stunt but also for inspiring others to do the same.

“Proper stupidity right here… Who cares if you know what your limits are, one wrong move and she’s dead mate, dead forever,” one commenter wrote. “Silly stunt. Real couple won't ever do this stunt. Those who have the greatest care for their loved ones won't ever do this silly stunt,” another added.

However, despite the backlash, the couple says they have no regrets about taking or posting the photo.

“Our account is about creativity, photography, kindness, perspective, and above all…positivity,” the couple told Fox News. “Whether a photo does well or not, whether it is perceived one way or another, is irrelevant to us.”

The couple added, “We post what we love and what we believe showcases our happiness, our adventures, our creativity. This has become a bigger deal than we could have ever imagined and going forward we only wish to discuss positive things and the reality behind the photo.”

Workman additionally told Insider that the photo was all his girlfriend’s idea.

\”We are both in good shape, we know our bodies, and, in turn, we know our limits,” he said. “We had faith in each other and trust to pull this off, and so we made the choice as a team to shoot it.\”

He additionally said they’ve done even more dangerous stunts before stating: \”We have both jumped off of waterfalls and bridges much higher than this infinity pool, so the height aspect wasn't a concern for us at all.”

According to the couple, they shot the photo using their Sony A7 III, a tripod, and intervalometer, which took a photo every two seconds so they could get the shot.

Clearly, we don't recommend you try this — or jumping off even higher waterfalls or bridges — yourself. Want to take better travel photos without risking your safety? Here are a few tips from the pros on taking the best vacation photos of your life.

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